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From the Field: Utah’s OFR Statute Language

Utah State Legislature, House Bill 295 modifies and enacts provisions relating to review of fatalities and suicides in the state. This bill defines terms and modifies definitions; modifies the circumstances under which a custodian of vital records may permit; inspection or provide a copy of a vital record; modifies the circumstances under which, and to whom, the medical examiner may provide a copy of the medical examiner's final report; allows the Department of Health to make administrative rules regarding the ability for certain governmental entities to use or disclose a medical examiner record; allows the medical examiner to share a medical examiner record with a hospital system in the state for purposes of researching prevention of drug-related overdose or suicide fatalities; creates the position of overdose fatality examiner within the Office of the Medical Examiner; creates the Opioid and Overdose Fatality Review Committee within the Department of Health; requires the Opioid and Overdose Fatality Review Committee to close a meeting in accordance with the Open and Public Meetings Act when an individual fatality is discussed; and makes technical changes.

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July 1, 2020

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