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Lead Agency: Newark Community Street Team

Program Name: Newark Community Street Team Overdose Response Program

Location: Newark, New Jersey

Partner Agencies: Fire/EMS, Peer Organization, Other (University Hospital EMS)

Site population: 307,000

Pathway: Naloxone Plus, Community Response

Year Started: 2022



In response to particularly high rates of overdose compared to other areas of New Jersey, the Newark Community Street Team (NCST) Overdose Response Program was created in 2022 with the goals of reducing fatal and non-fatal overdoses, while improving the health and social outcomes of individuals in communities affected by substance use. NCST’s Overdose Response Team serves both in a crisis response and community outreach capacity, responding to overdose calls in partnership with University Hospital community paramedics, and conducting participant follow-up visits while building community knowledge and capacity through harm reduction outreach and education. NCST’s non-judgmental approach to care allows meaningful connections with people of different experiences and backgrounds. This includes individuals recently revived from an overdose and those at risk of experiencing an overdose in the future. The NCST-Overdose Response Team provides communities with life-saving support, resources, and information.

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