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Grantee Support

Connecting with COSSUP Grantees

The COSSUP message exchange is a platform for COSSUP grantees and other local, tribal, or state stakeholders to engage with one another. Enrollment in this COSSUP message exchange is by permission only, and the terms of use apply.

To request to be a part of the COSSUP message exchange, please complete the membership application.

Terms of Use

Grant Management

Resources are available to support the successful management of your grant. For information about the Office of Justice Programs (OJP), grantee orientation materials, and performance measures, visit the Grant Management section.

Grantee Orientation Materials

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New grantee webinars, online financial management training, and more…

Additional Resources

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Performance measures training, FAQs about COSSUP performance measures, the DOJ Grants Financial Guide, and more…

Connecting to the RxCheck Hub

The RxCheck hub is a fully operational data sharing system that enables states to securely and efficiently share prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP) data between states or with a Health Information Exchange/Electronic Health Record (HIE/EHR) system. The RxCheck hub is governed by the RxCheck Governance Board, which is composed of states that are connected to the hub or have expressed interest in connecting to the hub. The RxCheck hub is funded by the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA). States and territories that receive federal funding from BJA to support their PDMPs are required to maintain a connection to the RxCheck hub.

Training & Technical Assistance

The COSSUP training and technical assistance (TTA) program provides support not only to COSSUP grantees but also to organizations across the nation facing similar challenges addressing illicit substance use and misuse in their communities.

Learn more about in-person and virtual TTA services and get to know BJA's current TTA providers by clicking the "Training and Technical Assistance" button. Use the "Request TTA" option to go directly to the Training and Technical Assistance Request Form.

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