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Success Stories

COSSUP Grantees Success Stories

Since 2017, through its leadership of COSSUP, the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) has supported innovative work—from coast to coast, in large cities and rural America, in tribal lands and U.S. territories—by more than 400 site-based projects and demonstration sites. These COSSUP grantees across the nation have planned, developed, and implemented comprehensive efforts to identify, respond to, treat, and support those impacted by the opioid epidemic and battle the persistence or reemergence of stimulants and other substances while keeping the cornerstone of the initiative the same: an emphasis on the force-multiplying power of partnership and collaboration across the public health, behavioral health, and public safety sectors.

The success stories featured here are from the field to highlight the valuable work of the COSSUP grantees and their programs, initiatives, and/or campaigns.

Our hope is that these featured stories will not only showcase the exemplary work that the COSSUP grantees are doing in their communities but will also serve in an educational capacity for other communities that want to start or expand similar programs, initiatives, or campaigns. Perhaps the stories will inspire others to see new opportunities that their communities might benefit from and will offer the foundational knowledge to begin implementation of such opportunities locally.

Are you a COSSUP grantee who would like to share your project’s success story? We welcome your submission. A short online worksheet has been created to streamline the submission process.

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