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Training & Technical Assistance

The COSSUP TTA Program supports communities by:

  • Facilitating peer-to-peer learning opportunities in which communities can learn from experienced programs through virtual consultations and on-site visits.
  • Providing speakers for conferences and workshops or skilled subject-matter experts for training events to educate stakeholders and build capacity.
  • Facilitating strategic and cross-system planning to identify community resources, establish priorities, and develop a road map to achieving goals.
  • Identifying materials such as policies and procedures, guidelines, and data sharing agreements that support program activities.
  • Supporting PDMPs by increasing PDMP efficiencies and facilitating coordination between PDMPs and state and national stakeholders.

Meet the COSSUP TTA providers

The following agencies are BJA’s current COSSUP training and technical assistance (TTA) providers. To learn more about the COSSUP TTA Program, read the COSSUP TTA Program Overview briefing sheet. Explore these overviews to learn about the wealth of expertise offered by the COSSUP TTA Collaborative members.

Altarum works with organizations and systems as they implement best practices and promising approaches related to peer recovery support services. Altarum supports federal, state, and local governments, as well as national and community-based organizations, to build a system of care that focuses on recovery, active involvement of consumers and their families, and comprehensive services to best meet individual needs and to strengthen and improve the health of communities.

Altarum Website

Treatment Alternatives for Safe Communities’ (TASC) Center for Health and Justice (CHJ) offers solutions to improve community health, reduce crime, and enhance collaboration between justice and health systems. CHJ draws on evidence-based research and direct service experience from TASC, Inc., which manages substance use and mental health service delivery for those involved in justice, child welfare, and public systems. Recognizing that first responders are on the front line of the opioid crisis, CHJ assists them and their community partners in developing deflection and pre-arrest diversion pathways to treatment and community-based services for individuals with substance use, mental health, and co-occurring disorders. CHJ offers online resources and in-person training and technical assistance engagements customized to the needs of specific jurisdictions with the goals of connecting and maximizing the treatment resources of the community to improve public health and safety.

Center for Health and Justice at TASC Website

The Institute for Intergovernmental Research (IIR) serves as the connecting point for COSSUP training and technical assistance (TTA) efforts and collaborates with Bureau of Justice Assistance leadership and fellow TTA providers to work directly with COSSUP site-based grantees. IIR’s role includes publication production and design; planning, coordination, and delivery of national-level trainings and working group meetings; COSSUP Resource Center website development and maintenance; provision of subject-matter expertise; coordination of distance-learning opportunities and resource dissemination; and coordination of other complementary activities.

Institute for Intergovernmental Research Website
National Criminal Justice Training Center (NCJTC) of Fox Valley Technical College Website
Prescription Drug Monitoring Program Training and Technical Assistance Center Website
RTI International Website
Abt Global Website
Rulo Strategies Website

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