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Connecting to the RxCheck Hub

BJA is committed to ensuring that states have access to multiple platforms to support interstate and intrastate integration, regardless of state vendor choice. This includes providing options for prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP) interstate data sharing as well as supporting PDMP integration within electronic health records (EHRs) and health information exchanges (HIEs). The aim is to maximize interconnectivity of all innovative resources that exist within this space.

Currently, there are two operational hubs that facilitate interstate and intrastate data sharing, RxCheck hub and PMP InterConnect. The RxCheck hub is a fully operational data sharing system that enables states to securely and efficiently share prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP) data between states or with a Health Information Exchange/Electronic Health Record (HIE/EHR) system. The RxCheck hub is governed by the RxCheck Governance Board, which is composed of states that are connected to the hub or have expressed interest in connecting to the hub. The RxCheck hub is funded by BJA.

States or territories that receive federal funding from BJA or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to support their PDMPs are required to maintain a connection to the RxCheck hub. Each state is free to determine its preferred hub for initiating interstate data sharing requests with another state or states. Federal grant award conditions require a state to receive and respond to requests received using the preferred hub of the initiating state. A state that wishes to initiate queries using, for example, PMP InterConnect is fully compliant with the award conditions if the state initiates queries using PMP InterConnect. In this example, the responding state(s) must use PMP InterConnect to send back the requested information. Likewise, if a state initiates a request using the RxCheck hub, the responding state(s) must use RxCheck hub to send back the requested information. This approach allows every state to exercise its choice of technology. States also remain free to use the RxCheck hub or PMP InterConnect Gateway for integration efforts.

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