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November 4, 2021

Opioid Response Strategy: Public Health and Public Safety Partnerships to Prevent Opioid Overdose

The Overdose Response Strategy (ORS) is an unprecedented and unique collaboration between public health and public safety, created to help local communities reduce drug overdoses and save lives by sharing timely data, pertinent intelligence, and evidence-based and innovative strategies. The mission of the ORS is to help communities reduce fatal and nonfatal drug overdoses by connecting public health and public safety agencies, sharing information, and supporting evidence-based interventions.

The ORS, funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), is implemented by state teams composed of drug intelligence officers and public health analysts, who work together on drug overdose issues within and across sectors, states, and territories. By sharing information across sectors, the ORS is growing the body of evidence related to early warning signs and prevention strategies.

This webinar will highlight how COSSAP teams can collaborate with their states' ORS drug intelligence officers and public health analysts to help communities and individuals make healthier, safer choices through evidence-based interventions and programs.


  • Lindsey Kato, MPH, CHE®, Training and Strategy Lead, ORS
  • Jordan Crummett, MS, CHE®, Training and Technical Assistance Coordinator, ORS

Presentation slides are available by clicking here.

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