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August 27, 2019

Training for First Responder Diversion Programs

First responder diversion programs for individuals with an opioid use disorder are rapidly increasing around the country.  These innovative programs play a critical role in linking individuals who are at risk for opioid overdose to community-based treatment services.  While similar in nature to crisis intervention services offered by first responders, these diversion programs are placing responsibilities on staff that may require new knowledge, skills, and abilities. This webinar discusses the need for first responder training specific to diversion programs for individuals with an opioid and substance use disorder.  The webinar provides potential topics that could be included in diversion training and methods for providing it.  Panelists from the Tucson, Arizona, Police Department and Plymouth County, Massachusetts, will discuss the training they have in place for their first responder diversion programs.  To view a PDF version of the slide deck from this webinar, click here.


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