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December 2, 2021

Beaver County, Pennsylvania, Behavioral Health: Collaboration Produces Results

A 2017 COAP (a predecessor to COSSUP) grant funded the project and was used to expand upon a 2009 grant from the Bureau of Justice Assistance that resulted in the Beaver County Sequential Intercept Model (SIM). This enhancement enabled BCBH team members to participate in a program with the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services  Administration’s GAINS Center to formally update the SIM. A collaborative group of Beaver County professionals from all spectrums of behavioral health and criminal justice systems participated in reviewing the county’s SIM with the assistance from the GAINS Center and was able to update intercepts 1–5 as well as add intercept.  In addition to the technical assistance it received, the enhancement provided BCBH with an opportunity to develop new—and strengthen existing—relationships within the community. Over the following four years, information was gathered, analyzed, and shared to enhance efforts to decrease overdose rates in Beaver County. 

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