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Lead Agency: Cabell County EMS

Program Name: QRT

Location: Cabell County, West Virginia

Partner Agencies: Police Department, Behavioral Health, Peer Support, Faith-based Organizations

Site population: 100,000

Pathway: Naloxone Plus, Active Outreach

Year Started: 2017


Huntington, West Virginia started its Quick Response Team (QRT) in 2017 in response to the unprecedented number of overdoses in their community. This crisis precipitated Cabell County EMS to partner with local police and behavioral health agencies to develop a QRT program. Within 48 hours of an overdose event, members of the QRT, including EMS personnel, law enforcement, treatment providers, and faith leaders, provide outreach to individuals who have experienced an overdose. While initially the QRT targeted individuals who received an EMS response for their overdose, they have expanded their program to include referrals from the community. Huntington QRT has partnered with Marshall University to collect data and provide analysis of their work.

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