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Lead Agency: Mundelein Police Department

Program Name: "A Way Out"

Location: Lake County, Illinois

Partner Agencies: Police Departments, County Sheriff’s Office, Public Health agencies, Behavioral Health agencies, Peer organizations, Family and Advocacy organizations

Site population: 703,520

Pathway: Self-Referral, Naloxone Plus, Officer Prevention

Year Started: 2016



Lake County, Illinois’ “A Way Out” is a first responder program designed to connect individuals to substance use treatment and services. “A Way Out” is available 24 hours a day at participating police departments across Lake County. Individuals can come to the police station requesting assistance with a substance use problem and an officer will assist them in contacting the Lake County Health Department. The Health Department conducts a phone screen to match the individual to an appropriate treatment provider. Once accepted by a treatment program, the officer transports the participant to the provider. The program is designed so that no criminal charges will be sought for those that may be in possession of narcotics or paraphernalia. The treatment request, assessment, and referral process is often less than 3 hours from the time the participant enters the police station. Data partners of “A Way Out” include Rosalind Franklin University and Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority (ICJIA).

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