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September 28, 2023

Champion of Recovery: Alex Casale

Alex Casale is Program Coordinator for the Statewide Drug Offender Program in the New Hampshire Judicial Branch. In that position, he coordinates adult drug treatment court programs, which are available in all but one of the state’s ten counties. The courts are multi-phase intervention programs designed for adults who have pled guilty and who are having difficulty staying sober; they involve several agencies that work together to provide substance use treatment, psycho-educational programs, and consistent supervision. As an alternative to incarceration, they provide participants with the opportunity to promote their recovery and thereby reduce crime, restore families, and successfully reintegrate into the community. “Recovery is a long journey and sometimes there are slip-ups,” Alex says. “I let all the programs know, this is OK, doing different types of interventions that you may not be familiar with is OK and if you aren’t comfortable with it, let’s learn more. I’ve always advocated for programs to be open to new ideas that work.”

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