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Building Community Support and Trust While Reducing Crime and Recidivism Through Deflection

Mitch Cunningham, Chief Law Enforcement Advisor for the National Sheriffs’ Association joins Sheriff John Tharp (retired) and Lieutenant Steve Rogers from the Lucas County, Ohio, Sheriff’s Office, as well as Major Brian Evers, the Chief Jail Administrator for New Hanover County, North Carolina, Sheriff’s Office to discuss their deflection programs implemented to support and keep individuals with substance use from entering or re-entering the criminal justice system.

Presenters will discuss how and why to make deflection a priority for your law enforcement agency, covering topics that touch on relationship building and how to create systems to make it easier and more efficient to track those suffering with substance use disorder. Information will also be presented on raising awareness in your county about the dangers associated with opioid and other drug usage, how to stop the profound number of deaths caused by overdoses, and the methods for educating and supporting those at risk for overdose pre-arrest as well as during reentry back into the community.


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