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January 28, 2020

Building Resilience in the Face of the Opioid Crisis: The Power of Trauma-Informed Communities

This webinar is the last of a series focusing on initiatives in the state of Ohio around the opioid epidemic, and first responders, as well as state and local initiatives to address far-reaching and diverse needs within communities.

The presentation spotlights three Ohio counties transforming themselves into TICs and how this work has affected the citizens, first responders, and organizations within those communities.

Viewers will learn:

  • How a TIC engages people from all sectors—education, justice, emergency response services, faith, housing, health care, and business—to understand how personal adversity affects the whole community’s well-being
  • How collaborative, resilience-building practices can reduce the effects of trauma on its citizens and build healthier communities
  • What TICs are and how they can be initiated by different groups
  • Steps taken by three different communities in Ohio to develop as TIC
  • How becoming a TIC has impacted these communities and their citizens

To view a PDF version of the slide deck from this webinar, click here

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