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October 31, 2023

Recommendations for Medicaid Coverage of Opioid Use Disorder Services in Jails and Prisons

These recommendations were developed by reviewing existing evidence-based programmatic standards developed by national organizations that guide the delivery of community and carceral opioid use disorder (OUD) services, including Medicaid policies for community OUD services. The development of these standards also considered the specific circumstances of correctional settings that do not pertain to community settings, such as security concerns, high population turnover rates, and substantial organizational variation. The recommended services and standards aim to advance timely, evidence-based, person-centered OUD services that promote continuity of care; leverage Medicaid as a new financing source to drive significant improvements in access to and quality of OUD services in prisons and jails; reduce spending in other parts of the health and criminal legal systems; and advance progress on national health and public safety goals.

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