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February 24, 2022

Case Management for First Responder Deflection

As cities across the country are developing deflection and pre-arrest diversion programs and other alternative response models to substance use, many have chosen to provide intensive case management services that are contracted through community partners. The Longmont, Colorado, Department of Public Safety is finding success by doing it differently. They are hiring a team of peer case managers as part of their direct staff in order to lead and support their diversion efforts.

In this webinar, you will hear from Longmont’s case management supervisor, peer case manager, and program manager to learn how their team of community-based peer case managers embedded within the public safety department is using the power of individual relationships to break down isolation, fear, and mistrust—for both community members and law enforcement. Through an interactive question-and-answer panel-style discussion, topics will include the hiring processes for this team; how its case managers are onboarded and trained; practices that have been implemented to foster strong relationships with law enforcement; why having such a unique model—with case management “in house” within the police department—made the most sense for Longmont; and how this model supports law enforcement, as well as the community members it serves.


  • Hope Fiori, Administrator for Consulting and Training, Treatment Alternatives for Safe Communities' Center for Health and Justice


  • Emily Van Doren, Case Management Supervisor, City of Longmont, Colorado, Department of Public Safety
  • Annabel Perez, Peer Case Manager, City of Longmont Department of Public Safety
  • Michelle Webb, Program Manager, City of Longmont Department of Public Safety


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