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March 24, 2022

Effective Law Enforcement Strategies to Support Successful Pre-Arrest Deflection Programs

This webinar is part of TASC’s Center for Health and Justice monthly series on aspects of pre-arrest deflection programs for the BJA's COSSAP.

Please join law enforcement leaders—Deputy Chief Mitch Cunningham (retired) of the Wilmington, North Carolina, Police Department, who now serves as chief law enforcement advisor for the National Sheriffs’ Association, and Sheriff Tom Dart from the Cook County, Illinois, Sheriff's Office—for a presentation on the use of innovative treatment response teams to deflect individuals with drug use and mental health disorders from entering the criminal justice system. 

During this webinar, the presenters explain:

  • Why law enforcement-led pre-arrest deflection programs are essential
  • How to garner staff support for deflection programs in your law enforcement agency
  • What makes pre-arrest deflection programs effective


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