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May 18, 2022

Law Enforcement's and First Responders' Roles in Overdose Prevention—Deflection and Overdose Fatality Review

Overdose fatality reviews (OFR) across the nation convene multidisciplinary partners to identify missed opportunities for prevention and intervention to ultimately develop recommendations to prevent future overdoses. Law enforcement and other first responders are key OFR members and are on the front lines of addressing illicit substance use and misuse, frequently encountering individuals with substance use disorder and responding to drug overdose calls. This webinar will highlight the roles deflection and referral pathways, led by law enforcement and other first responders, play in reducing overdoses and as partners to OFR.


The webinar will feature three panelists discussing OFR and deflection and pre-arrest diversion initiatives. Panelists will describe the goals and purposes of each initiative, discuss the complementary nature of each to initiate or enhance the other, and what resources and supports are available for local communities to enhance their prevention efforts. The webinar will conclude with a Q & A session with the attendees.


  • Mallory O'Brien, M.S., Ph.D., Senior Policy Advisor, BJA COSSAP and Consultant, IPA, CDC
  • Melissa Heinen, R.N., M.P.H., Senior Research Associate, IIR
  • Hope Fiori, Center for Health and Justice at Treatment Alternatives for Safe Communities (TASC)
  • Jac Charlier, M.P.A, Executive Director, Center for Health and Justice at TASC


  • Presentation Slides (Coming Soon)

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